ArcheoLife Mediterranean film festival

International festival/competition of archaeological documentary.

Cagliari – Cittadella dei Musei, 28-31 October 2015

The event is organized by the Cultural Association of Social Promotion Infochanneltv24 with the Human Society Service Centre Sardinian Film Library, the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism within the frameworks of ArcheoMedSites, a cross-border cooperation project co-financed by the European Union through the ENPI CBCMED Mediterranean Basin 2007-2013, the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory of the University of Cagliari, under the patronage of Municipality of Cagliari.

The event’s goal is to promote and enhance the archaeological heritage of the Mediterranean through the visual arts.

Festival offers to keen public the opportunity to know the latest audiovisual productions dedicated to archaeological heritage, with particular consideration on works produced in the countries of the southern Mediterranean basin to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience. Festival represent an opportunity to raise awareness on protection and promotion of cultural heritage as a collective value to safeguard and transmit to future generations, also according on the promotion of sustainable development linked to its presence in the territories and communities.

The documentary is seen as an effective tool for communication between cultures, to share and enhance the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean countries, to express points of view and personal expectations on heritage.

The audiovisual, therefore, as an instrument of knowledge for the conservation and enhancement of the archaeological heritage and as a showcase also for turistic promotion of the territories.